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2012 Rhythm Bead Research Project


In December 2011 we received an email from Sophie, a 2nd year BSc Equine Management Student,

 studying at a top UK Equine College. Sophie contacted us on recommendation of a friend who already has some of our Rhythm Beads.


As part of her studies Sophie is required to conduct several Research Projects. This year Sophie has chosen to use Rhythm Beads to investigate the effects they have on the horse’s rhythm in trot.


 Here's a close up of the beads made for Sophie's Project 



Sophie's Green & White Rhythm Beads


We were asked to make them with small bells as the horses they are going to be used on havn't seen Rhythm Beads and bells before. We were also asked if we could make them in green as this is both the College colour and Sophie's favourite colour too !


'Green it is!' we thought ... with a bit of  'Angel Horse bling' thrown in

for good measure  ..... of course!


May 20th 2012:

Sophie's Study results are in and are very impressive!


Here's a  very quick overview .....


 'All horses in the investigation demonstrated an improvement in the rhythm of their working trot when wearing the Rhythm Beads.'


  Therefore the null hypothesis (the Rhythm Beads will not have an effect on the rhythm of the gait in medium trot) can be rejected and the alternative hypothesis (the Rhythm Beads will result in an improvement in the rhythm of the working trot) can be accepted.


'The improvement in rhythm is displayed graphically where the differences in velocity ranges

 with and without the Rhythm Beads can be seen.'


'The mean percentage of improvement among the 6 horses is 62.64%'.