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Angel Horse

Beautiful Equine Rhythm Beads & so much more !

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What are Rhythm Beads?



Rhythm Beads are essentially Horse Necklaces! They are also sometimes called Horse Beads, Horse Medicine Beads , Speed Beads or Balance Beads.


They consist of strings of beads and bells which the horse wears around his neck, just like a necklace.  


They can be made, and decorated with, many different materials, ie: glass, acrylic, textiles, metals, bone, horn, shell, wood, seeds, feathers and nuts.


When fitted correctly they should sit along the horse’s ‘drive-line’, which is roughly the groove down the horse’s shoulder where his body meets his neck.


Angel Horse Beads have a special clip to fix to the horse's mane to keep them safe .. or if your horse is hogged we have invented a simple attachment to clip the beads securely to your saddle


Where do Rhythm Beads come from?



Ever since we domesticated the horse, cultures the world over have decorated and celebrated their horses


However, the culture most well known for their love & decoration of the horse, are the Native Americans.


They decorated both themselves and their horses with shells, beads, feathers, painted symbols and protective amulets.


These decorations were not only beautiful they each served a specific purpose; the more common ones were to protect both horse and rider from danger in battle, to bring good luck, help ward off evil spirits, and show the status, and achievements, of both horse and rider.


It is from the Native Americans that the origins of Rhythm Beads, as we know them today, are thought to have come from.



What are the benefits of Rhythm Beads?

We have made Rhythm Beads for just about every size, shape, breed and type of horse and pony there is .... our smallest ever set was for made a 9 hand mini called Nemo and our largest set ,to date, for a 19 hand Percheron called Cody, in Ohio, USA. 

Our clients come from a wide range of backgrounds and our beads have so far been used in formal research studies, rehabilitation of unsoundness, for helping in training disabled riders, endurance, , driving, schooling, hacking, starting young horses and western riding.

We've never had anyone return their beads or tell us they, or their horse, dosn't like them!

v    Rhythm Beads help to encourage and improve the focus of horse and rider by helping them to find, and maintain, consistency of cadence and rhythm within a particular gait, more easily, invaluable to both novice and experienced riders alike.


v    Experienced riders and horses will find Rhythm beads a useful tool to encourage a horse to move out, extend or increase / decrease their pace / speed to the rhythm of the bells.


v   There have been many studies undertaken into the benefits of Colour & Crystal Therapy for humans and animals. Rhythm Beads are an ideal way to introduce alternative forms of therapy and healing to your horse. This can be done by including beneficial colours and crystals into your horses Rhythm Beads, and changing them as required. 


v  Gaited horses have been noticed to accentuate their gait considerably when wearing Rhythm Beads.


v   Endurance teams have reported they feel better able to maintain focus and stay relaxed more easily when using Rhythm beads


v   Barrel racers are known to use Rhythm Beads to encourage a faster, harder run during competition, their beads are sometimes known as ‘Speed Beads’!


       v  Rhythm Beads are particularly useful for calming both nervous horses and riders.


       v  The bells are  extremely useful for providing a distraction for  nervous and spooky horses


v  Bells are also an ideal way to signal your presence to others in the area, particularly if your horse is barefoot!


v  Rhythm Beads are a very useful tool when working with their horse on the ground as they sit on the horse's natural 'drive line'.  ( This is roughly along the groove where the horses neck meets his body. ) For those who are just starting out on their groundwork, Rhythm Beads can make  it much easier as they identify the horse's drive line clearly.


v  Last but not least the best reason for using Rhythm Beads is that they are beautiful, fun and make an ideal ‘I LOVE YOU’ gift for your horse or pony! We can even make you jewellery to match ... see the set below which has a matching 'surfer style' tie bracelet for the rider.


A custom design with detachable tassel and matching bracelet for the rider.


 See how I make them here .....           


For Pricing Guide - see here


For How to Order  - see here 


To find out how to ask your horse what beads they want see here