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                                      Ask your Horse .......
The 'Hand on Heart' Talk
  Listening to what your horse is really saying and caring enough to act on it'


We believe we are the only maker of Rhythm Beads who does this! 




Taster Workshop  - Sat 3rd March at The Arena, Ilkeston, Derbyshire If you really want to give your horse a gift that is extra special, then simply ask your horse !

This is an Animal Communication exercise taught to us by our friend

 UK Animal Communicator  -  Holly Davis.  (pictured above)


It's not 'magic', anyone can do it! All you need to do is approach your horse, or any animal, 

with love and an open heart, and listen to what they say!

Here's how:

Set some quiet time aside for you and your horse when you know you won’t be disturbed. Stand in front of your horse and look softly into your horses eyes. Place one hand on your heart and tell him you want to give him a gift of love.


Explain to him, either in words or by sending a mental picture, what Rhythm Beads are, and what they look and sound like. Explain this is the gift you would like to give and ask him what colours he would like his beads to be, and why.


Then ask him what name he would like his Rhythm beads to be known by. This will let the beads know their name and where they belong in the world. The name your horse gives his beads will often give you information about what may be lacking, or needed, in your horses life or it can be something that your horse wants to  celebrate about your relationship.


The first words, feelings, colours, pictures you get in your mind from your horse during this exercise are the right answers. If you care enough about your horse to have read this far and not discounted

what we say then please have faith! 

You will be able to pick up the information your horse is sending you.


Does this sound foolish? Well; we know that  to some people it will, but we can tell you that this exercise works. We can also assure you that your horse will appreciate your taking this special time with him for this.  


Your horse will send you all the information you need to know, so ask him, in the same way, for the colour of his bells, and the type of centrepiece he would like.  If your horse does not want bells that’s fine!  Just let us know!  You know him best and whatever you feel is right for him will, indeed, be just so.


You can use the Hand on Heart Exercise for everyday communication with your horse too. You may even find that your horse becomes much more  demonstrative when communicated with like this regularly.


Some of the ways horses show they understand and are communicating are by licking, chewing, pawing, nodding or swinging their heads, swishing the tail and yawning. These actions can be slight and subtle or done much more vigorously, especially when they are particularly opinionated !!! 


After all, it's good to know you’re being listened to when you have something to say, isn’t it ? !!!


To ensure you send us all the information we need;

 copy and paste the check-list below into your  order email and type in the answers beside it.

'Very informative, thank you - very enjoyable!'


©       The colours of the main beads

©       The colours of any metallic acrylic beads wanted: gold, silver or copper or a mix

©       Any other special  types of beads wanted ie:  wooden ones or a particular gemstone

©       The name your horse has given their beads – this can be one word or sometimes it’s a phrase

©       Whether or not your horse would like bells on their beads

©       What colour bells would they like; gold, silver or copper coloured?

©       What centre-piece; none, a bell, tassel or charm, or even a set of

       matching, interchangeable centre-pieces?

©       Your horse's height and breed. We can work out the right size from this.

©       Your horses’ coat colour; we can then match the best colour cording to it

©       Anything else that you also pick up from your horse in this session too, feelings, pictures, words; this can help us even more!



Don’t worry if you feel you have only got a little information.

Sometimes horses are just like people and don’t want to talk much!


Once we have your horse's information we will put aside some quiet time of our own to work intuitively with this. We will select the colours and types of beads we feel are right for the information we have and make you a test design up.


We'll then send you some pictures by email so you can tell us if we are on the right track.


We’re really proud to say that, using The 'Hand on Heart Talk',

 your horse ... and us ...  usually get it right first time!


To see how we actually make our Rhythm Beads click here



Wherever you see this 'Hand on Heart' image on our website you'll know that  

those Rhythm Beads were designed by the horse & owner using our Hand on Heart Method


Has your horse asked you for some strange colours you weren't expecting?

We've had some really weird & wonderful colour combinations asked for using the Hand on Heart Talk

that even we wouldn't have thought of ...... 

but every single design that ever comes out of it always looks stunning !

You can be sure if your horse has asked for certain colours then he or she feels she needs them

...... after all, you did ask their opinion didn't you ? !!! :)

Here's a beautiful set designed by a horse called Champ.

Champ was VERY specific about what he wanted, including his glass heart which he licked as soon as he saw it!



..and what did Champ name  his beads ... ?

'Champion the Wonder Horse' - of course !!!!!

...and here he is modelling for us!

Visit our Colour Therapy page  to find out more about the meaning of colours 

and how they are thought to help us.