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Our Beautiful Bonnie crossed the Rainbow Bridge on 16 March 2016.
She was only with us for 7 months .. this is her story.
Bonnie's Story
Warning ...
this page contains graphic pictures of horse neglect which may upset some readers.
October 2015 - Bonnie now almost up to weight and settled in her forever home x
Bonnie playing with Ollie - 7 weeks after arriving at Angel Horse
The Angel Horses happily mowing the grass .... taken 8 weeks after Bonnie's arrival ! Looking good!
13 Aug 2015: Bonnie - 5 days after arriving at Angel Horse
 Just beginning to get curious and taking notice of her surroundings
Her skin is very thin here and she has lots of sores and open wounds
 8 August 2014 .... Bonnie is coming to Angel Horse this weekend !
Bonnie is a 17.2 Shire x Percheron mare who was in desperate need of a loving forever home.
 Her story is a sad one, that we are hoping to give a happy ending to.
Bonnie was found terribly neglected and very close to starvation in Devon. She weighed in at only 585 kgs, almost a third under what she should do. She was initially rescued by a lady in Devon called Nicola with the hope she would be found a loving home to go on to when she was healthy enough. We followed Bonnie's  story on Facebook and offered her a forever home when her original planned home sadly fell through.
If ever a horse had reason to doubt the human race it's Bonnie. However, despite everything this mare has been through she is still gentle, trusting and willing to try.
Beautiful Bonnie - safe now!  

 Early Days .....

Starting to pick up a little now ......
On the road to recovery ..... !

Saturday 8th August 2015 ...
We drove from Derby, East Midlands,  to Plymouth, Devon to meet Bonnie. When we arrived she called to us as we parked the car.   We were shocked at her condition. She has been in rescue for five weeks now and has put on some weight and condition, huge credit to Nicola and Cherie who originally took her in and saved her.
Bonnie is still very thin and we were shocked at how much muscle and weight she hasn't got. She was very ''clicky' when she moved and was noticeably stiff in all 4 legs, her neck and back and really struggled to walk down the sloping field she was in. We actually wondered whether or not we should take her home. The journey from Derby down to Plymouth had taken around 7 hours and we didn't honestly think she would make it back . We also had no idea whether or not she would load onto the trailer....but there was something about her that we just couldn't ignore. So we decided to do a trial load ..... here's what happened ...
'Hmmm . .what's this .. ?'
'Ohhhhh ..... I know what it is ... !'
'Hey ... No problemo ... I can do this ...!'
Bonnie's trial load took .. .approximately 2 minutes ... !
Straight on and straight off for  a nice big haynet !If ever a horse wanted to show how much they want to be with you .. it's her ! We stayed overnight locally and took her home the next morning. She travelled like a dream the whole way back .. and went straight out with our other Shire boy Ollie !
Home safe and sound in her new field ... modelling her new 7'6" Ruggles fly rug! 
Monday 10 Aug 2015
Bonnie has a visit from our wonderful horsey Dentist Gary Wilson EDT.  Bonnie is a star and behaves during her examination ( unlike Ollie  ... who is usually a little toad for Gary ! ) Gary determines Bonnies age between 18 and 20 and explains that she has a very unusual wear pattern on her front teeth. This  may be a result of someone filing her teeth in the past to make her look younger, or could be a result of her trying to eat soil and stones when she was trying to find something to eat. Overall, Gary is pleased with her teeth, given her condition, she has healthy gums and decent grinding surfaces left and doesn't need another check-up until Christmas!

Thursday 13th August 2015
Bonnie has a visit from our vet today to give her a general overall check-up and continue her vaccinations. Scarsdale Vets have treated all our horses, past and present, and have followed Bonnie's Story on our website. Holly who visited Bonnie today was pleased with her condition, given her circumstances. Bonnie has actually put weight on since she arrived on Sunday! This is her today!
Her cuts and sores are healing thanks to a blend of tea tree, lavender and neem oil we make ourselves. She is no longer stamping her back feet as her leg mites are being treated, and generally she looks calmer, happier  and more settled in herself.
14 October 2015
Bonnie on the weighbridge .. 853 kgs and Condition Scored 5 all over ..... wonderful !



 Feb 2016 - and looking great! :)


Sadly, shortly after this picture was taken, Bonnie's recovery began to go rapidly downhill. The more condition she put on, the less her joints were able to cope. We knew when we took Bonnie on that we would never be able to fully mend her, only give her a loving, safe home for as long as she needed.


On 16 March 2016 we had arrived at a point where  Bonnie was struggling to cope with her arthritis and was losing her quality of life. This happened very quickly. We sent her peacefully over the Rainbow Bridge with her friend Ollie grazing by her side as she passed.


Run free beautiful girl, 'til we meet again xxx


Thank you to Holly from Scarsdale Vets for her compassion and trust in our decision. xxx