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From Holly and Alfie -  April 2010 

Dear Angel Horse,


Thank you so much for my beautiful necklace and Alfie's Rhythm Beads!


I know how particular Alfie was about his design and the colours that should be used.

You have made them so well for him, right down to the finest detail.

I felt very strongly that his beads were to be made by someone who loved Horses and

this shines through from the beautiful beads you have chosen to use, along with the special

little details that others omit.

 Alfie has had Rhythm Beads before but never made to this quality or with this amount

of care and attention to detail. THANK YOU!!

 Holly Davis, Whitland, Wales



Alfie wearing his 'Soul Friend' Beads

 Warning .. these beads may cause drowsiness !!!

April 2010 

Dear Angel Horse,

 Thank you for the 'Aura' Rhythm beads you made for Peter.

 I'm not sure why but there is this real sense of calm in Peter and myself while riding with the beads

on. Thank you once again.


Paul Scott & Peter, Derbyshire

May 2010 

Merry Meet Dawn and Hayley!

I wanted to share the beauty that is Khazara wearing her Eponakhaz Rhythm Beads that you so

lovingly put together for us.

You have truly connected two strong souls thru these beads,Khaz thinks they are "pretty cool",

I too love the jingling as we ride out, we now have no need for mam to keep up with her constant

inane chatter! I have attached piccys for you to add to your site.

Brightest Blessings as always,

Helen, Pontypridd, May 2010



Khazara wearing 'Eponakhaz' Rhythm Beads

September 2010 

June 2010


I'm just writing to say thank  you for my 'Summer Breeze' Rhythm Beads.

It was my pony Tom Thumb's birthday yesterday and this is him wearing a present

today.The yellow, which was only a last minute thought, really goes well with the lilac.

The sound is very soothing.We went for a walk today and they were jingling!

from Amy, Ross-on-Wye.

       Tom Thumb wearing 'Summer Breeze'     

July 2010

 From Lisa Randazzo, OHIO, USA

WOW!!! We almost cried when we saw what you made for us. Sucking back tears... we thank you for the love, generosity and care that went into these beads. Can't wait to get them and show them to the kids... they will name them. Remember, the Lord owns this farm, we're just the caretakers of His animals.... Please keep us in
 prayer... there are so many inner city kids that desire to come to the farm, but they need transportation of some sort. They car pull, but it requires 6 + cars/drivers... the harvest is great and the laborers are few. We are praying for bus transportation for the children. The farm was packed with little ones today. THEYare the heartbeat of the the Farm.

 Thank you so much - I will refer all others to your site if anyone is interested. May Hashem bless the works of your hands and you prosper greatly.
>> Loving Him and His little ones, the unprofitable servants of the Lord,

 God's Gentle Giants

 Dear Dawn, attaching photos of Cody (our lead horse) with the beads you  made... all the other horses are jealous .... too funny!!! They fit  JUST PERFECT and are beautiful. We are hoping to use them in our three horse hitch this Friday for the foster kids' hayrides.
He looks so handsome.
thanks again,
Loving HIM,

Cody - the 19 hand Percheron modelling his new beads!

July 2010

 From Amanda, Derbyshire, UK 

Holly wearing her red, black and silver collar charm - isn't she gorgeous?!!!!


Holly is the puppy of Trixie, my much loved dog who I lost 30/05/2009. Trixie was a brilliant dog, and a best friend. She did have a streak of naughtiness in her though and loved nothing better than to chase birds, mice etc and to wander off on her own little adventures when you were out with her (which is how Holly came along!) For those reasons we used to put small cat bells on her collar both to warn any small unsuspecting creatures that she was on the prowl, and to help give us a clue where on earth she'd dissapeared off to this time! She also had at least two tags on her collar, again so she jingled as she moved.

Holly was completely lost without Trixie, all she had known was family life with her mum there. When I showed my mum the "Shannon" design multi charm that I have, Holly got really excited to hear the jingling of bells. I clipped it onto her collar and she bounced aroung the house full of excitement. I decided to ask Dawn to create a charm especially for Holly and told her which colours I would like on it (The Shannon charm was inspired by my horse and Holly deserved to have her own design). Dawn was very thourough with the details and ensured to check how long I would like the charm to be, what size I would like the bells, and if I needed a larger clip. The end result is perfect, and Holly now proudly shows off her charm.........and call me soft but I like to think she's thinking of Trixie with every step!
Thank you Dawn,
Amanda and Holly

From Ellen Cochrane, Malvern, Worcestershire


'Here is Gaia wearing her beads :) They are amazing, I love them!

Thank you so much xxx'

Gaia's beads are our Tribe design, without bells, and have a fixed central gold tassel

August 2010

Hi,  My son  goes to a riding school called Equine Learning, in Warwickshire. He has some learning difficulties, including quite a lack of vision in both eyes. The lady who runs the centre told us about you and that you had made and sent him some Rhythm Beads to help whilst he his riding.

 On behalf of my family I would like to say a massive big thank you for your kindness and was wondering if you possibly would like a donation towards a charity that you may support? If there is please can you let me know and I will gladly make a donation.

 Many, many thanks,

 Andy Stone

  The beads we made for Andy's special little boy are called 'Union Jack'


We asked that any donation Andy made went to either:

Rainbows Hospice for Children & Young People or  The Brooke Hospital.

From Ruth & Jenny, Norfolk

 Hi Dawn,  We received our beads and are thrilled with them....very beautiful, many, many thanks!

See you soon,  Ruth and Jenny xxx

'Connected Hearts' Rhythm Beads

August 2010


 From Jenny, Christchurch, New Zealand

 Hi Dawn,  Beads arrived yesterday and they are beautiful.  Ardashir was a little surprised at the new addition, but he got over it.  We are really wet at the moment so schooling (he is a learner dressage horse these days) was limited to 20m circles at walk and trot.  We will hopefully dry out a bit over the next week and I can play some more. 


 I don't have Diva at home at the moment.  She is away getting some further training on how to be a self-loading-horse and more importantly stay there, once she is on board. 

I love the colours of the Eclipse tho, and can't wait to try them!


Cheers, Jenny 

July 2010


From Helen, Pontypridd, Wales


We used 'Kissing The Rain' today,they look fab, really pretty. Khaz had the charms tinkling away too on her saddle, plus my Fred and Heidi bells tinkling, people must think I am bonkers! bless! My RI said 'I bet Khaz is going down the road thinking "I know I know, just let her have her little way", blushing and embarrassed!'


I prefer to think Khaz is saying 'Wow peeps!!! Look at my mum, don't she do me proud?!'

Love as always, Helen xxx 


'Kissing The Rain' Rhythm Beads & Mutli-Charm