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We are proud to dedicate this page to a very special little Angel Horse,

all the way from Sweden, called Noi. You can see Noi's pictures below.


March 2011


Hi Dawn!
Noi was soooooo pleased with his new beads, today we tried on the turquoise set when we went out hacking and I am sure we were the envy of all the animals in the woods!

The colour suits him really well, I'm enclosing some pics. I've decided to name this set "Icelandic sea".

I haven't yet tried on the other set but I will tomorrow, starting off in the round-pen so he gets used to the jingle. I'm going to name this one "Autumn lights".

I'm definitely going to get a matching bracelet in the turquoise beads and Noi will get a mane-clip for his birthday,So I'll get back to you with the details in the end of April. :)

Thanks again for the beautiful work!
Talk to you soon,

Love, Nina and Noi, Sweden XXX


              Noi wearing 'Autum Lights'                    Noi wearing 'Icelandic Sea'  

 Here's an update, several weeks later, from Nina and Noi 


Both Noi and I loved the sound of the bells, he just stuck his head into them and off we went,as though he's never done anything else...  And as you can see,he proudly poses for the photographer! The centerpiece falls perfectly,you did an amazing job!
I'll try to get some nice photos of the turquoise set as well,the ones I took the other day didn't turn out so well, Noi was in a "don't-want-to-be-photographed" mood that day....
All the best,
Nina & Noi, Sweden


Several months after we received this last update, we learnt that, due to a devastating bout of colic,

Noi is now playing with Maddie across the Rainbow Bridge .

Please remember Noi in your prayers.

 March 2011


Hi Dawn,

The Rhythm beads arrived yesterday and both Leonie and I are thrilled with them.  I tried mine on Bailey straight away and they fit perfectly!

I am hoping to go out riding with leonie later today or tomorrow with us both having our beads on. I will let you know the results. Again, many thanks,

Luv from Kath and Bailey, Western Australia


Feb 2011


Hi Dawn!


Thank you for the great beads, they really suit my horse J.D.! He is a 5 year old Irish cob who lacks a bit of rhythm in the school, so my instructor advised me to try these beads, to help both him and me. I think it has made a difference as we both seem to be gradually improving. He is a really laid back chap, so I wouldn't know if they also have a calming effect, but my friend has a more 'flighty' horse so she is going to borrow my beads to see if they work with her.


We are having to slowly introduce the beads to her horse. She finds them very alien and isn't quite so sure about having them on her neck yet, but I am sure we will get there. J.D. was fine with them as soon as he saw them! In fact you would think he had worn them before because he didn't bother at all when I put them on him. He didn't bother when he was trotting and cantering either with them jingling on his neck! I love my horse!!


Anyway I have attached a couple of pictures as promised. Once again thank you very much for such a great quality made product and the great service you provided!

Kind regards

Sarah Noyes and J.D. Derbyshire, UK


Here is J.D wearing his 'Storm' Rhythm Beads

February 2011


Sippi wearing his Tribe Rhythm Beads


Good morning Dawn, I sent you some pictures and a video of Sippi and  I think he is delighted with the bells! He did not do anything strange when I first put them on!   Best regards,


Nuria Hilario, Madrid, Spain

Watch the video of Sippi wearing his new Rhythm Beads! 

December 2010


Hi Dawn


I had a feeling the beads would be here today and so they were !!! So I went straight down to the yard and stood outside Minder's stable jingling the beads and waited 'till he came over to investigate - about 5 seconds! I asked him which centrepiece he liked and he tried to eat the bell so I went with that one! I gave him a quick brush and took him in the indoor school. He stood perfectly still whilst I passed them over his head and fixed the clip in his mane and then just wandered off round the school when I went to get the lunge whip.


Now don't panic, I dont do lunging or whipping!!  Its a very funny thing, Jane and I free school Miinder & Norman together in the indoor school when the weather is bad, and they have got so good at it that all we have to do is go get the whip and stand in the centre of the school and off they both go trotting twice round one way and then the other - its like a circus!!


Anyway off Minder goes trotting round with his beads jingling away merrily as if he has done this all his life! First one way round and then the other. And he just kept on going!! Normally if I relax my body he will slow and stop because he never sees the point of working if I'm not asking him.And then he did the most wonderful full Friesian trot which is amazing - all 4 feet off the ground - and so beautiful, calm and self assured, glorious to watch. 


I am going to get the camera off my daughter this weekend and take a video of him for you, it is a sight to see especially with the sounds of the beads as well.

I can't thank you enough for this, I really felt that the beads 'fitted' him perfectly and he was so calm afterwards and kept giving me these most enormous yawns as well in his stable! I crept out and I'd say he was probably asleep before I left the yard!

Thank you
Helen Fargher, Isle of Man, UK


Minder wearing his gold, green & yellow Rhythm Beads with matching detachable centre-pieces.

November 2010 


From Sarah Jarret, Kent


Hi Dawn,


The beads arrived just now and both me and mum were in tears! They are simply beautiful and everything and more than I'd hoped for! Thank you so much!

We have a little yard show on Dec 11th so going to save them for them to wear for the first time then and will take lots of pics for you!

THANK YOU SO MUCH for the Angels!!! Shesky needs all the help he can get after the vet diagnosed a lesion in his annular ligament yesterday - he has to start shock wave therapy on Tuesday so I will hang it up to watch over him!

Can't wait to get the little Gold Angel to my friend as well as he is another very special boy who is struggling emotionally at the moment.

Take care, we're all thinking of you and your family,


Sarah Jarrett xxx



               'Lion' Rhythm Beads                                          'Unicorn' Rhythm Beads

October 2010

From Jenny Rouse, Christchurch, New Zealand 


Hi Dawn,

I loved the beads from day one - and they get lots of comments. I have been hacking out Ardashir with his on lots and they make such a happy sound. After our recent earthquake and subsequent aftershocks they have put smiles on lots of faces - mine included. They let people know when we are coming and he really works to them when we are schooling.

Diva has only been using her's for the last couple of weeks and they are great for letting people know we are coming. She is young and green and there is nothing like having someone (horse or person) pop out from around a corner and everyone jumping. Now one party, at least, can hear us coming. Am also finding that she is listening to the rhythm of them and learning to pace herself. A great skill for an endurance horse in the making.

Lots of people want to know what they are for - that's easy "'cos I like them !".

Cheers and thanks,Jenny

Christchurch, New Zealand

Jenny had our standard 'Royal' & customised 'Eclipse' Rhythm Beads

September 2010

From Sue Eaton, Buxton, Derbyshire


Hi Dawn,


Belated thanks for beads which have been much admired!

He is still getting used to them but his neighbour a Welsh mare had them thrown on her neck by her owner and was quite unfazed! ( But she is a bit of a princess ... ! ) Her owner may contact you as they might be helpful for her dad who is learning to ride. Hope Maddie is well.  LOL.


Sue Eaton, Equine Shiatsu Practitioner   -   Sue's website is: In touch with horses 


We gifted Sue a set of our Eclipse Rhythm Beads with a customised Murano Glass Heart centrepiece

as a 'thank you' for giving Maddie some free Shiatsu healing.