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October 2012:


Bonnie wearing a version of 'Winter Dreams'

with 5 sets of matching mane beads in that lovely diamond  plait!


22 May 2012


From Jenny Rouse, Christchurch, New Zealand


They’re here !  And they are just amazing !  The colours are just fabulous – she ( Diva)  will love them.


Thank you for the haematite heart, it is just perfect. 




'Diva dances in the Dark' Rhythm Beads and custom made haematiteheart  and wood beaded centre charm

made for Arabian Endurance Mare , Diva, in New Zealand



24 Feb 2012


Hi Dawn                                                                 

Thank you so much for Champ's Rhythm Beads they are perfect. So beautiful and right. First thing Champ did was lick the heart! Thank you for the lovely gift I have been able to give my best friend. I was thinking of maybe a heart charm for me kind of like those friendship things you get. Few other pics to follow. Keep up the lovely work
Katie xxx



Champ and Katie modelling!

'Champion the Wonder Horse' Rhythm Beads !



25 Feb 2012


Hi Dawn,

Thank you so much for Earls Rhythm beads. They are perfect. My daughter Katie and I got them yesterday and went straight to the stables with them, we put them on him and he trotted round his field wearing them looking really proud of himself - he obviously approved! As promised I will organise pictures and send them asap.

Thanks again, Sue, Katie and Earl

Here's a close-up of Earl's customised 'Tribe' Rhythm & Mane Beads

19 Feb 2012


Hi Dawn


I’ve attached a couple of pics that I took today. It was indoors and the light wasn’t good so I might try a few more when the weather allows. Anyway, it gives you a bit of an idea. He was very happy with them on and didn’t bat an eye lid form the very start. I let him sniff them, listen to them and then stood him with them on whilst I brushed him over and he was fine. We went out into the school and did some exercises (slowly, slowly) and all was well. Thank you for them. Very happy !  Stuart     x


Chiron schooling in his 'New Beginnings' Rhythm & Mane Beads!



1 Feb 2012


Hi Dawn

I keep forgetting to take the camera out to the horses! Here are another couple of photos of Bounce wearing his beads. He loves having them on and lowers his head so I can get them on....Thanks again,

Melanie, New Zealand

Bounce Modelling his Orange, Brown & Gold Rhythm Beads

 26 Jan 2012


Hi Dawn,


I just wanted to send you a quick update regarding Blue’s rhythm beads. We’re so pleased with them and I think he loves them! He is pretty much at the bottom of his herd’s pecking order, bless him, and he was having anxiety issues when hacking out alone.


Since he’s been wearing the beads, we’ve noticed a big increase in his confidence when he’s out and he also seems much happier, taking a real interest and enjoyment in what’s going on around him. It seems that he really knew what he needed when my daughter , Emily, did the Hand on Heart Talk  with him.


Emily wears the lovely bracelet you kindly sent whenever they go out hacking too, and she feels a real connection with Blue which, however much we loved him before, has only improved since he’s had the beads.


Thank you so much. I’ve been telling anyone who will listen about what the beads are for and where we got them, and I hope you continue to bring joy and healing to horses (and humans!) for many years to come.


All best wishes,

Nikki Harper, Elysian Astrology, Lincolnshire




  Blue wearing his red green, & purple beads           A close up of Blue's Rhythm beads


24 Jan 2012

Dear Dawn,

The beads arrived today - they are beautiful. Many thanks.

Kim x


( This is the 2nd set of beads we've made for Kim )


 This set is made from matte cream, pink & lilac acrylics, offset with cream wooden oval beads, natural coloured wooden pony beads, gold acrylics & gold coloured jingle bells in 3  sizes.


There is a matching set of 4 detachable, inter-changeable centrepeices comprising  a large gold centre bell, a glass heart pendant, a beaded 2 strand charn finished with gold-tone feather charms & a beaded 2 strand charm finished with tiny gold bells.

20 Jan 2012

Hi Dawn


Just to say my beads arrived safely a day or two ago and i love them. i hung them round my neck when i went to give Ben his tea and could tell he was wondering 'what is that noise?'. I jingled them around him a bit in his stable then tried to put them round his neck when he decided they were obviously a string of sweets and should go in his mouth! So unfortunately he ate a bead! i did manage to rescue them so they are now personalised with ben's teeth marks :-) I did take a photo of him today wearing them in the school  but I am not happy with the photo so please be patient and i will get you a good shot where Ben doesn't look like a 'gimp'! I am thinking of my next design now too which is called 'Spring Hopes'.

Thank you so much i am really pleased. They look great on Ben and I love my bracelet too.


Rachel xx


Here's Ben and Rachel's with their beads - they are called 'Winter Dreams'


 29 December 2011 - Message From Becky Armstrong:


Hi, My Dad bought rhythm beads for our horse, Apollo, just before Christmas and I wanted to tell you how lovely they are and how much Apollo loves them.

My mum had serious injuries after a riding accident and has never really gained back her confidence, Apollo is a truly fantastic horse who taught me and my brother to ride, he is a kind and caring soul but if you try to tell him what to do then he wont let you ride him! When mum rode Apollo out for the first time in his 'jingle beads' mum was much happier and even my crazy 4yr old was calmer!

Apollo LOVES his beads and we are going for a ride today if the weather holds.
Mum is getting slowly more confident and in a week she has ridden more than she did in 12 years.

Next month i have to do a practical for my art higher, i wanted to know if you are happy for me to attempt to make a set of beads?

Thank you so much for the beautiful beads! they have done so much to boost mums confidence in herself and i would love to be able to make a set for each of link, bramble and kelvey!

( Apollo had our Tribe Rhythm Beads with a detachable gold tassel )


  You can see more about Apollo and his friends at:

  Dec 2011


Hi Dawn,

 Just to let you know that Wizard's beads arrived last Thursday.  I was in London, so only saw them for the first time on Saturday and they are beautiful. The bells sound wonderful too.  I have shown Wiz, but not had a chance to try them on him yet as the weather was too bad.  Hopefully, I will get the chance over Christmas.  I think people at the yard are interested to see how Wiz and I get on.  I wore the bracelet today too.  The colours are very vibrant and work well together. Hope you have a happy Christmas.

 Susan, Cheshire, UK

Wizards' Beads

Dec 2011 


Hi Dawn,

Beads arrived yesterday!! YIPPEE!!! I found them this morning (must have missed the postie), and George loves them. These aren't great photo's but gives you an idea George LOVES his beads - turned up - been a horrible day windy as and he was quite tucked up and not happy - threw them on and took him for a walk 100m down the road.
The ones with his halter are just before we got back, and the ones with out are about 45mins later after dinner.

When I first put them on (this morning) I felt like he had a bubble around him - all calm safe and happy - was incredible.

Looking forward to seeing any changes in the next few days, and I'll get some nicer photo's for you (when he's had a groom and Damian can help me - he's straight out of the paddock, hasn't been groomed properly for 3 days because I've been at a clinic).

Hope things are going well and that your doing ok.

Thank you so so much,

Take care,
Jacqui, Damian and George, Hamilton, New Zealand



....George is a very special 30 yr old Thoroughbred - here he is modelling for us!

 Dec 2011


Dear Dawn,


I am enclosing some photos of Lilly and Ebony wearing her beads. Weather wasn't great today; we had just returned from a bracing hack! but hope you can see what a great team they are and how wonderful Ebony looks in her beads.

Lilly has been wearing the mane beads in her own mane; it all looks great and has made this Xmas really special.

blessings, Louise, Somerset, UK


Ebony modelling her Pink, lilac and white Rhythm Beads - isn't she beautiful ??? !!!

November 2011

Hi Dawn,

Beads came today; they are beautiful. I am over the moon with them and I am sure Sunny will be! Thanks, Barb, Stoke-on-Trent, UK.

Barb chose our 'Tribe' beads for Sunny - here's a close up of  'Tribe'  with a detachable gold tassel.  



Ollie (left) and Raffles wearing their Native Spirit Rhythm Beads from our Ready Made Range.

Aren't they both just gorgeous? !!!

Hi there,
 Weather, camera batteries and other things have prevented me taking photos until now.  Here are my two boys, Ollie (11 year old Welsh Mountain Pony) and Raffles (3 year old Spotted x American Miniature Horse) wearing the Rhythm Beads.
They are sharing at the moment but they both seemed to like them, as do I.   Thank you very much!