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The Dowson Family Visit to Ollie


November 2015 



 Bethany and Leo couldn't decide which beads to put on Ollie, so they put them all on !


'To Dawn and Keith,

Thank you so much for letting us visit Ollie last weekend. Bethany and Leo had a fantastic time and loved being around Ollie.
He's such a gentle giant standing so calmly and patiently while the children painted him with glitter paint, put on his beautiful rhythm breads, and then had a little sit on his back. They also enjoyed every minute getting involved with making his dinner and feeding him a little apple treat. They're still talking about it now!
You gave so generously of your time and in return we'll be giving generously to this years Jingle Jog which supports Derby Hospitals Charity, and more specifically, the Combined Day Unit (Chemotherapy Suite). 

With Best Wishes,
Charlotte Dowson xx'