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Do you believe in Angels?


Maddie - The Angel Horse ... 1997 to 15 Nov 2010

It's human nature not to want to put faith in something we can't actually see or touch ... Angels are a bit like this. Most of the time, when our lives are touched by the extraordinary, we just don't realise it . We explain it away as coincidence or 'one of those things' ..... but sometimes it's not. Sometimes its planned and deliberate and good things happen because they need to.


We don't always recognise it because we are human and we have a different agenda. Angels, and beings of light, only work from a place of the highest love and intent. They come in all shapes and sizes and often you won't even realise what's happened .... because Angels only let you know that when the time is right !


Before beautiful Maddie came we didn't know about Angels either ... Here's how we learnt!  




'Maddie's Story' .... or


'How the Angel Horse came to Earth'

by Dawn Cox


Every once in a while there comes a time when there are just too many Angels in heaven.  So ... instead of running out of room, the Angels agreed that, every so often, one of them would come back to Earth, to watch over us, and to help.


The Angels knew they would be very busy indeed if they all  came back to Earth looking like Angels so they made a plan. They decided to disguise themselves, so that they could concentrate on helping those who really needed them the most.


Some of the Angels chose to return to Earth as people and some chose to return as animals  ... and the  plan worked!  In fact, it worked so well that most of those they helped never even realised they had met an Angel at all.


You see, often the only way you can really spot an Angel is the way that they are with the rest of the world. Often, it's not what they do, but what they don't do,  that makes them  stand  out.


Angels give instead of take, they listen instead of hear, they communicate instead of talk, they smile instead of frown, they heal instead of hurt, they help instead of hinder and they love instead of judge. 


But, best of all, when things are really bad and you think that nothing good will ever happen again ... they come into your life and turn it upside down - for the better!


One day, in April 2008, the Angels decided that Heaven was getting a bit too full again. So, to make a bit more room in Heaven they sent us our very first Angel Horse, Maddie.




Unbeknown to Dawn, The Angels had sent Maddie to her for a special reason. Maddie was sent to help Dawn through a very tough time in her life.This became a time where even Dawn had given up on herself. Maddie was sent to show Dawn that she had the strength to do what was needed, even though Dawn did not believe it herself.


Maddie gave Dawn a reason to literally get up every day and to fight on. Maddie also showed that there is always a better way 'to be', both with horses and people, if only you open your heart, and mind, and look for it.


Maddie taught Dawn never to take no for an answer, even if it was from those who ought to know better. She taught her to  have the courage and determination to explore and follow new ways and ideas to help both their horse and human friends, and to carry on through to the end, no matter how hard the road is or how unpleasant the obstacles on it are.


Maddie's biggest lesson was to  teach the difference between knowledge & wisdom, and, more importantly, how to tell the difference between them.  She showed everyone that it is good enough sometimes just 'to be, instead of do' ....  and that the most important thing in the world is 'to stand in your own truth and don't break the circle'.

  On 15th November 2010  the Angels decided that Maddie had done the work they sent her to Earth to do and it was time for her to go home. This was Dawn's biggest test. Had she learnt the lessons in strength and self belief  that Maddie had been sent to teach her? More importantly, did Dawn love Maddie enough to let her go even though they  knew it  would break their hearts ? Yes, she did.

  Dawn  knew there would never be another Maddie, but there would always be other horses to love and help. She knew that neither Maddie, nor the Angels who sent her to them, would  waste all the valuable lessons Maddie had brought. .


Sadly, beautiful Maddie crossed the Rainbow Bridge on 15 November 2010

 Please remember her in your prayers.


This is how we like to remember Maddie!


'How the Angel Horse came to Earth'

  is now also featured in a brand new book called


' From Their Heart to Yours' ..

 'True tales of friendship of Inspirational horses and the people who love them' 


by Top UK Animal Communicator - Holly Davis

Available now on Amazon




Visit Holly's website



 Update: 10 August 2012


On 10 August 2012 Dawn was diagnosed with Non Hodgkins Lymphoma, a cancer of the Lymphatic System. There had been very few symptoms;  those she had had were intially thought to be caused by stomach ulcers. However, after a quick succession of  tests the diagnosis was confirmed and

Chemotherapy began the next day.


When Dawn received the news she knew the fight would be hard but, in she also knew it would never be as hard as the day she sent The Angel Horse home. One of the hardest hours of Dawn's life had been to wait for the vet to arrive that morning while she watched Maddie taking her last graze in the field. Dawn  knew if she could do that, she could deal with anything, this illness included.


Dawn  suddenly  realised why Maddie had really been sent to her, why Maddie's tests had been so very, very hard to bear, and finally, why Maddie had been taken away so cruelly.  Someone has been preparing Dawn for this fight by sending her life lessons beforehand to help her cope when this new fight gets tough.


 the day Dawn went into hospital for her initial cancer biopsy she started to write her first  non-fiction novel based on the life lessons she has learned this time around,and the Angel Help she has received along the way. Dawn feels lucky that her  prognosis is very good and she will  fight as hard as she can.


Her message to you is this:


'Angels are everywhere ...... you don't need to see them to believe ... when you believe, you'll see them immediately!  They often don't look like what we expect them to either ... Mine just happens to have a mane and a tail as well as Angel wings!


To receive  Angel help all you need to do is ask and they will give it willingly, but to help us grow and learn Angels never send us what we  want, only what we need. That's why the Angels sent us broken horses.


Without them we'd have learned nothing about the importance of  fighting, standing in our own truth or doing the right thing, even when it hurts.


Until you find your  own Angel please feel free to visit here and borrow ours for awhile ........ !!!!!'xxx



January 2014:


Dawn's treatment is working well and she is now receiving maintenance treatment with a very good long term prognosis. She has good day and bad days. As anyone who is struggling with their health will tell you, the good days are good....but the bad days can be very bad.


In early January  2014 things were not going very well at all. However, someone must have been watching from up above because, despite Dawn's conviction that she would never have another horse, along came another Angel Horse who changed her opinion entirely!


His name is Ollie ... and we call him 'The Never say Never Horse ! '. 



Ollie - our the newest Angel Horse


See Ollie's Story here