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Equine Assisted Therapy



Meet  Ollie our Therapy Horse !


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Ollie is a 7 year old  pure bred Shire horse, registered with the Shire Horse Society. 


His colouring is bay roan, he is 17.1 hands tall and weighs about 760 kgs, just over three quarters of a metric tonne!


Ollie is a completely 'metal free' horse, which means he is ridden in a bit-less bridle , a tree-less saddle  & has no shoes. He is also ridden bareback a lot which he loves !


 He is kept as  holistically as possible. We look at every aspect we can that may affect his physical and mental wellbeing and manage him accordingly. He is fed a low sugar diet, with lots of naturally occurring mineral, vitamins and herbs including Himalayan salt, seaweed, rosehips  and spearmint.


In the summer he stays in during the very hot weather and goes out at night, when it's cool, to avoid the sun and flies.


To make sure he is well and happy he has regular check ups with a horse physio, his vet, farrier and even the horsey dentist!


Since he has been with us he has shown a real aptitude for being with people. Everyone who meets him loves him!  He loves to go out and about and recently went to the seaside for his holidays! 


He loves cuddles and likes to lay down in his stable and be patted while he falls asleep. He is very gentle, especially with children.


Here he is having a cuddle with Dawn's 3 year old grand daughter. 



Ollie loves to go out and meet new people.

He gets very excited when he sees his trailer being hitched up and usually loads himself!  


Ollie Out and About .... here he is with his 'Taxi' !

What is Equine Assisted Therapy?

'The use of animals within therapy can be traced back thousands of years. Their ability to read human emotion and their inherent honesty is perhaps why we look to them so often in times of distress. While a range of animals are well known for being therapeutic, horses are becoming particularly well known for their ability to foster change.


Horses have been used in physical therapy since the early 50s, helping people to refine their motor skills in a gentle way. Since then, the unique bond between human and horse has been incorporated into a type of psychological therapy.


Equine assisted therapy, or hippotherapy (from the Greek word 'hippos' which means horse), puts people and horses together along with a therapist in an environment designed to promote emotional growth and learning. Used to help with a variety of mental health issues from addiction to low self-esteem, this therapy type is becoming increasingly popular in the UK. No riding experience is necessary and in most cases you won't be required to ride the horse at all.' Courtesy of The Counselling Directory


 What does Angel Horse Offer?
We are not a Psychotherapy / Counselling service and do not claim to be qualified to offer those services. We are happy, however, to work with your clients and a mutually agreed qualified therapist, to offer more in-depth EAT services if required.
 We do offer the opportunity to visit interested establishments, with our horse, to facilitate an 'on the ground, 'pat horse' experience for your target group.
Ollie already has a proven history of calmness and gentleness and has shown a great aptitude for this type of work. He is handled and managed with Natural Horsemanship techniques in a calm, gentle and assertive manner making the interactive experience as safe as we possibly can for horse, handlers and clients alike. For more information about Dawn and her experience of owning/ handling / managing horses please click here:
Our specific target clients are Residential Care Homes, Hospitals and Hospices where clients can see and approach and interact with the horse, from the ground, if they choose to do so, in a safe and supportive environment.
Older clients particularly show a strong affinity to Ollie, over other breeds of horse and pony, because of his breeding. Most fondly recall and share their memories of the working Heavy Horses of their youth, generating interaction, interest and communication.Very often, clients will show an interest, and gain just as much from the experience, by just viewing the horse from a distance.
On a recent visit to a local Care Home we saw this for ourselves. We were told by the Care Manager that one of the residents was frightened of horses and didn't want to see Ollie, which was sad.
However, halfway through our visit we noticed Ollie stop interacting with us for a short while. He was standing very still, with his ears forward, looking up at a first floor window of the Care Home. In fact he was so still and so handsome we took a picture of him as , at first, we didn't realise what was actually happening.
In the window was the same lady who was frightened of horses, waving down at him with a smile on her face! Once she had waved and left the window, Ollie resumed interacting with the other residents again as if nothing had happened. 
It was as if he knew he'd done his job well for that lady and it was time to refocus.
This is the picture !

Before any Equine visit we will:

Carry out a Comprehensive 'on-site' risk assessment to include:

  1. Where we will park and turn our vehicle and trailer
  2. where we will load and unload the horse
  3. Where we will tether the horse,
  4. How the clients will safely gain access to and from the horse
  5. Check for appropriate water and waste disposal points
  6. What your establishment's Emergency procedures are
  7. What you feel your clients are seeking to gain and can we meet your expectations
  8. Answer any further queries/questions you may have
  9. Ensure the environment is suitable and safe for our handlers and horse to attend


A copy of our Risk Assessment will be provided to you prior to any Equine Therapy visit. 
We will also require a copy of your  own specific Risk Assessment for our records

Please note: In the event you cancel any booking without a future rebook date, any refund will incur a £25 surcharge to cover our time/expenses for risk assessing.

Terms and Conditions
We aim to be as flexible and reasonable as possible in providing this  service.
We understand and accept that unforeseen event occur which may result in our clients having to cancel or reschedule. By the same token, the welfare of our horse and handlers are of great importance and there may be occasion when we are unable to meet our obligations to a booking.
  • Our Attendance Fee is £95


  • No booking will be taken if we feel that mutual Safety Parameters are inadequate


  • You must be over 18 to make a booking with us


  • Bookings must be paid for in advance via Paypal


  • If you cancel you can re-book an alternative date or request a refund


  • Cancellations, with no repeat booking, will incur a £25 surcharge to reflect our time spent on attendance for prior risk assessment ie: You will receive a refund, minus £25.


  • If we have to cancel we will offer you an alternative date or a full refund
  • Our Day visit mileage radius is within 30 miles of DE7



Our attendance fee is £95
Angel Horse Equine Therapy is not a commercial enterprise and is run
on a strictly 'not for profit' basis.
We are not a registered charity and receive no funding from other sources.
We provide this service as we are passionate about the healing and helping power of horses to people, especially those who may not have the opportunity to access it otherwise. We love what we do and so does our horse! :)
In order to visit you there is a lot of behind the scenes work that occurs.
The horse will be bathed the day before the visit, kept stabled overnight beforehand to stay clean ( hopefully !) and be fully groomed prior to loading. He will have travelled in a trailer to get to you and will need a little  'down-time' before he starts his meet and greet! 
 Afterwards, he has to travel home, unload, and be checked over  before he goes out with his friends again. Although we may be with you for what seems a relatively short time,  between 1 and 2 hours, please take the time to appreciate the hard work that goes into what we do.
There are always two handlers who give their time and services free of charge.
We believe our fee, compared to commercially run similar organisations, is minimal.
We have to cover the cost of our fuel, Public Liability Insurance and a nominal fee towards the upkeep of our horse.
Oh no ........  not bath time again ... !!!!

 Would you like to 'Pay it Forward' to assist us in continuing this work?
Donations of feed and equipment are always appreciated.
Please see our 'Wish List' below.
We use the following 'Equimins Horse Products
Hoof Mender 
Advance Concentrate Balancer
Flexi Joint
Herbal De-Tox
Stable Fresh Dry Bed Disinfectant
These items can all be purchased at:
Please tell Equimins your order is for Angel Horse and they will send it direct to us. Thank You
Sponsor a Bale of Straw or Hay - £25
Sponsor an Equine Podiatry visit - £40
Sponsor an Equine Dental visit - £40
Sponsor an Equine Physio session - £50
Sponsor an on-site Equine Therapy Visit - £95 

You can see Ollie's Story here.