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Angel Horse

Beautiful Equine Rhythm Beads & so much more !

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Gallery 1
Here are just some of the many Equine Rhythm Beads we've made. Enjoy!
                                                                          'Beautiful' Rhythm Beads
'Autumn' Rhythm Beads
                                                'Winter Dreams' Rhythm Beads with matching detachable charms 
                        Blue's Beads                                                                            Bertie's Beads
                           Champ's Beads                                                                     'Connected Heart's Rhythm Beads
                          Ebony's Rhythm Beads with matching mane beads and tie bracelet  
                                            Elsie May's Rhythm Beads                                        Splash's Rhythm Beads
                                                                              Fox's Rhythm Beads  
George's Rhythm Beads  
                         'Harmony' Rhythm Beads                                                        'Gabriel' Rhythm Beads  
Hannah's Rhythm Beads                                                Alfie's Rhythm Beads  
                                  'New Dawn' Rhythm Beads                                         'Hope' Rhythm Beads 
Green, Gold & Orange Rhythm Beads                            Scarlet, Gold & Cream Rhythm Beads
Kim's Turquoise & Cream Rhythm Beads  - with matching detachable tassel & charms 
Kim's Pink, Lilac & Cream Rhythm Beads - 
with matching detachable tassel, beaded charms & Pink Glass Heart
'Shannon' & 'Lagoon'Rhythm Beads
                           Meeka's Rhythm Beads                                 'Lion' Rhythm Beads  
Kody's 'Rainbow' Rhythm Beads & Matching Dream-catcher Trailer Charm   
There are lots more pictures to see in our other Picture Galleries!