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Angel Horse

Beautiful Equine Rhythm Beads & so much more !

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Picture Gallery 5
 Indy's purple, pink and blue beads .. simply stunning!

Turquoise, brown and gold beads with gold heart and tassel-made for Diego. 

 Native American inspired set with matching mane beads

Mario and Elaine's Beads

Elaine's lovely 'Christmas' themed beads !

Ginny's Beads

Gulliver's Beads -
 Teal and gold pearl mixed with black wood and gold/black glass heart

Jeni and Iggy's beads  - made to match his new bit-less bridle

Stunning set made for competition winner Karen and her mare Foxy

Another Native American themed set made for Posh Fellow
Posh modelling ! Awwwwww !!!! xxx

Magnum and
Lovely colour combination here; bought buy a client for her friends birthday

Lovely set made for Shelley and her mare Skye xxx

Bought by a client for a friend's Xmas gift !

These were soooo much fun to make ....!
Bought by a client for an Xmas gift and based on Liquorice Allsorts ....!!! 

Beautiful pearly white & dark pink set with translucent pink glitter beads, matching bracelet, & matching crystal angel charm for horse & necklace for rider.
This order was one of my rare non-payers but sold within 12 hours on our Facebook site.