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Beautiful Equine Rhythm Beads & so much more !

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 How we make our Beads


How we make them, what we make them from, and why:

We believe that Angel Horse Rhythm Beads are unique and special because of all the love and care that we put into them. A huge part of our design process involves us testing our products! We do this by making up test designs .


We then put them into real situations with real people, and real horses, and make sure they are tested and used as they are meant to be. If something isn't right we change it until it is. If we're still not happy with it we go back to the drawing board and start again until we get it right!

 We don't send out anything to you that we wouldn't want to use or buy ourselves.


Angel Horse Rhythm Beads - Design Features



We use a wide selection of beads sourced from all over the world. Our selection includes acrylic, metallic acrylic, wooden and base metal beads. Your Angel Horse Rhythm beads will be completely unique. Each set has:



«  A detailed care and safety advice label attached so you know how to safely use, and appropriately care for, your Beads.



«     A silver or gold tone 'Made with Love’ Charm to show you how much we care about what we do.


«     A  pair of  Angel Wing charms in either silver-tone or gold-tone to match the design.


«      A silver tone coloured crocodile clip which fixes into your horse’s mane.  This is to prevent the beads slipping off when your horse lowers its head.


«      A tough nylon cord lock in black. You can then easily adjust any spare cord to the exact length you require without having to cut it. We always allow plenty of extra cord in case you want to add extra beads of your own afterwards.


«      We string our Rhythm and Mane beads onto 2mm waxed cotton  cord which, we believe, is better at resisting weather and horse sweat than leather. We use 2mm cord as it is robust enough to stand the wear and tear of regular use but will also break in case of an emergency, at around 40lbs of breaking strain


«      We use a variety of different sized silver and gold coloured ‘jingle bells’ in our Rhythm Beads.  The different sized bells each produce a different tone which we’re sure your horse will love! If you would prefer not to have any bells  please just let us know when  ordering.


«      We knot the end of each beading run back on itself so, if you accidentally remove the cord lock, your  Rhythm Beads won’t fall off the cording.


This picture shows how we usually finish our Equine Rhythm Beads.


Our most popular design ever ....'Tribe' Rhythm Beads ... 

please note this design is  longer available  but  we can make you a custom version of it - please ask for details

Angel Horse label ( instructions on reverse) Heart shaped 'Made with Love' charm,

a silver-tone mane clip, a black nylon sliding cord lock & a beautiful pair of Angel Wing charms


Please be respectful 


Don't copy our Designs or Text ...

We've worked hard to get where we are and we are proud to be original !!!



Our Beading Components - What we use & Why


Our Equine Rhythm & Mane Beads are crafted from a mix of wide holed acrylic (plastic) beads, metallic coated acrylic beads and wooden beads. We source our beads from all over the world and carry a large range of colours and finishes to give you the best possible choice. We use a lot of acrylic beads as they are easy to clean and maintain, light for the horse to wear and come in a huge range of colours and finishes.




The bells we use are steel and are finished in gold-tone, silver tone or copper tone finishes. The bells are not made from, or coated in, precious metal finishes, that’s why we describe them, for example, as ‘silver- tone’ and not ‘silver’.


Our silver-tone & gold-tone bells come in a wide range of sizes from 8mm dia to 30mm dia. We usually incorporate a range of these bell sizes in each design for variations of tone. You can choose to have a mix, one particular size or none at all if you prefer – just let us know when you order.


Our regular copper-tone bells are one size only; approx 10mm in, diameter.

Because they are small  we usually string them in pairs to get the best ring tone from them. We do have large copper bells in stock - approx. 20mm diameter that we use as single centre bells.


We don’t use brass bells as standard as brass tarnishes quickly, however, if you required them, as a special order item, we can of course source them for you.





Our Rhythm and Mane Beads are threaded onto 2mm waxed cotton cord in a variety of colours. The main colour cording we use are black and brown. This cord will break at around 40lbs of breaking strain in the case of emergency.


The colour cord we use for your order depends upon the colour of your horse’s coat; we will use the best match possible.


If you’d like any other colour 2mm wax cording there are lots available - please just let us know !

We do not use nylon line to thread our beads onto as, depending upon the breaking strain of the line,

it can act as a cheese-wire on the horse’s skin, and has the potential to cause bad injuries, if it gets caught.

We do not use leather thongs for our Rhythm & Mane beads. In our experience leather can crack, shrink and become brittle with wear, age, damp and heat.


Product Safety and Care

We are very proud of what we do here at Angel Horse!

If we wouldn’t want to buy what we’ve made ourselves then it won’t be sent out to you!

 Yes, we know there are cheaper Rhythm Beads out there and please, do feel free to look around for them.

However, we feel we know Rhythm Beads really well. We use them, make them and love them.


We know what works, what dosn't, and why ... !  

However, we're always looking for ways to improve our products & designs and we welcome all your input and ideas!


 We want your products to be safe but we also want them to last, that’s why we have high standards of work and make them the way we do!


Every set of Rhythm & Mane Beads comes with comprehensive use and care information so you know how to safely use, and appropriately care for, your Angel Horse beads


Just so you know – this is what we don’t do!


Ñ     We will never pass your details / information on to anyone else


Ñ     We don't copy other people's Rhythm Bead designs so please don’t ask us to.


Ñ     We won’t copy your own custom design and make it for anyone else.

     ( Someone may be inspired by your design if they see it on our Gallery pages but we won’t replicate it for anyone else exactly. Instead; with your permission, we will make them a version of it using similar coloured beads or patterns.)


Ñ  We don't use items that are made from animal by-products ie: bone, shells, horn, feathers, corals or horse-hair.


      All living things have their own energies and these can transfer onto the finished products. Many animals reared, or used for their by-products do not have happy or healthy lives.


     We cannot guarantee the welfare of any animal used for its by-products therefore we do not buy into that market. We thank you in advance for respecting our views on this point.


Ñ  We don’t supply our products for sale anywhere other than on our website


 x   You must be over 18 to order from us . ( You must be over 18 in the UK to make a legal contract )


x    We DO NOT accept cheques .... sorry but due to previous problems we only accept cash on collection or Paypal


Ñ  Sorry, we won’t accept any order that requires us to adversely compromise our product safety, the high standard of finish we always strive for, or our ethics.


For Pricing Guide - see here

For How to Order  - see here 

To find out how to ask your horse what beads they want see here