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Angel Horse

Beautiful Equine Rhythm Beads & so much more !

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Picture Gallery 2 
Here are just some of the many Equine Rhythm Beads we've made. Enjoy!
Bounce's Rhythm Beads  
'New Beginning's' Rhythm Beads  
                     Jensen's ' Music Man' Rhythm Beads                                 Minder's Rhythm Beads   
Millie's Rhythm Beads
             'Unicorn' Rhythm Beads                                 Nile's Rhythm Beads & Double Strand Mane Beads
Noi's Rhythm Beads  
'Autumn Lights'                                         'Icelandic Sea'  
Blues, Sparkles & Gold Rhythm Beads & matching keyring
Rags's Rhythm Beads  
'Rainbow' Rhythm Beads
'Pegasus' Rhythm Beads with matching keyring & tie finish bracelet   
                     'Rock Chick' Rhythm Beads                                          Royal Blue, White, Black & Gold Rhythm Beads
'Braveheart' Rhythm Beads
'Simply The Best' Rhythm Beads made for our own lovely girl Button by Hayley
Green, White & Gold Rhythm Beads made for Sophie for her 2012 College Research Project
Sophie's Research Results will be featured on here shortly!
'Spellbound' Rhythm Beads
'Royal' Rhythm Beads
                                  'Union Jack' Rhythm Beads                                                   
'Sunset' Rhythm Beads   
'Tribe' Rhythm Beads - our most exclusive set of Rhythm Beads - ever !!! 
Sorry this version of Tribe is no longer available ... please see other versions which we can make on our
New Picture Gallery No 5 coming soon
'Storm' Rhythm Beads
'Trust' Rhythm Beads
'Willow' Rhythm Beads
Wizard's Rhythm Beads & matching tie finish bracelet    
                                      Silver, Blue and White Rhythm Beads                            Black, Pink & White Rhythm Beads
There are lots more pictures to see in our other Picture Galleries!