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Angel Horse

Beautiful Equine Rhythm Beads & so much more !

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Picture Gallery 3
Here are just some of the many Equine Rhythm Beads we've made. Enjoy!
Yeshe's Beads with matching crystal angel necklace

Lou's Beads - with a matching necklace for his Mum!

Similar patterned 'Healing Colours' Rhythm Beads for Flyer and Megan

Carson's Rhythm Beads - another New Zealand order!
Bunny's Rhythm Beads

Rainbow Beads made for Angus - a Highland Pony

Pearly mid-blue, white and gold beads with blue wooden pony beads and heart & star focal beads
with matching detachable tassel and a matching bracelet
Turquoise, white and gold set with pale wooden focal beads & a turquoise/gold mix fibre tassel 
Native American style set in black,gold, white, cream & brown with matching goldtone feather charm
 Baby blue, white yellow & gold set with a detachable bell & gold glass heart 
April 2012
 'Sunset at Sea' Rhythm Beads  

May 2012
Cobweb's Rhythm Beads with tiny copper bells

'Diva dances in the Dark' Rhythm Beads 
Olympic Themed Rhythm Beads
Jubilee Themed Rhythm Beads

June 2012
'Beautiful' Rhythm Beads - Custom version with Tassel 

June 2012
'Spring Meadow' Rhythm Beads
with red detachable tassel, gold-tone detachable large bell & green crystal detachable Angel charm

July 2012

Here are the new Rhythm Beads we've just made for Rob's birthday!

( Rob is the 'Angel Horse Twins' Daddy!)


 Designed by Hayley these beads are made with white & pearl black acrylics, gold & red metallic acrylics, and a mix of natural wooden beads in dark brown, natural bown and cream.
They are finished with varying sizes of gold bells along each side & large central detachable bell. Simply stunning !!!
There are lots more pictures to see in our other Picture Galleries!