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Everything we make is custom made, therefore no two orders will be the same price.


 Your order will be costed on and individual basis according to what we do and the materials we use. 

For a guide to prices please see below.


Once you have confirmed your design we will cost it out and let you know, prior to continuing.

If you are not happy with your test design there is no obligation to purchase. All we ask is that you let us know.


2016 Rhythm Beads - Price Guide:


Extra Small = 10hh to 12 hh from £16 

Small = 12 hh to 14 hh from £18


Medium =   14 hh to 16 hh - from £20

Large =  16 hh to 18 hh -  from £22 

Extra large = 18 hh plus   - from £23




Mane Beads - £6


Mane Beads are double stranded and finished with a bell on each strand.

They are fitted with a strong stainless steel clip that fixes to your horse's mane.

The length may vary between designs as they are made to match  your Rhythm beads. SEE BELOW.


Centre pieces


  • All Rhythm Beads come with a fixed centre bell as standard ( non-detachable)
  • If you are ordering a custom centrepiece your Rhythm Beads will be made with a centre split ring to attach your centrepieces to. You will also receive a free detachable centre bell.
  • All custom centre-pieces have a detachable trigger clip to make them simpler to fit



You can also choose extra centre-piece options too.


  • For an additional large detachable centre bell - add £1
  • For Detachable 2 belled or 2 feather ( metal ) charm – add £2.50 per charm 
  •  For a 43mm Lustre glass heart add £6 - gold only available now
  •  For a Tassel add £6
  • 37mm Metal Filigree Heart Charm - Silver tone, Red Copper tone or Gold tone - add £3


This set has a matching tassel, belled charm, metal feather charm and detachable centre bell



  Discounts are available for returning customers and bulk buys - please just ask for details.


For 'How to Order' please see here

Metal Filigree heart charms


Gold tone, silver tone or red copper tone - smaller charms are 37mm x 37mm £3

Large centre charm in silver tone only - 50mm   £4



Post and Packing charges


We are committed to keeping our Post & Packing Charges as low as possible for you.Please don't be offended if we use recycled packaging for your order it's one of  the ways we try to be greener .


This helps lower packaging costs too!


As a guide for UK Mainland Orders:


'Signed for', tracked delivery for 1 set of  Rhythm Beads - £4.00


  As a guide for Rest of the world including Europe, U.S.A. / Australia / New Zealand:


 Post and Packing cost for 1 set of Rhythm Beads - from £5


 We are also happy to negotiate free delivery or combined 

Post & Packaging rates on bulk / multiple order orders.


Please contact us for more details.


For 'How to Order' please see here


Rhythm Beads with matching detachable dream-catcher, centre bell and mane beads
Our ' Tribe' design ( no longer available  - sorry )
but we can make you a custom version of it .. just ask for details.
Glass Heart Centrepiece
Glass Hearts are fixed onto a matching
trigger clip and are £6 each extra
Colours available:
Gold and Lilac
Please ask for more details and colour availability


Tassel Centrepiece
Tassels are fixed onto a matching detachable
trigger clip and are £6 each extra 
Colours available:
White, Black, Red, Light Blue, Mid Blue, Navy, Bottle Green, Cream, Pale Gold, Antique Gold

For 'How to Order' please see here