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Random Acts of Kindness
We are proud to dedicate this page to one of our clients,
Kathy Roper, and her horse Kody,from New Zealand
Kathy carried out the most amazing Random Act of Kindness, below.
It's Acts like these that make the world a better place for us all.
Kody wearing his Rainbow Rhythm Beads

What is a Random Act of Kindness?
A Random Act of Kindness is a selfless act done purely for the benefit of another, either animal or human. It can be done because the giver knows that the recipient needs it ,  to make them feel better, or just to make the world a better place. 
The giver can be known to the recipient or may choose to remain anonymous. Your kindness could be a small act, such as  holding a door open for someone, or buying a homeless person a sandwich,or as large as donating all your lottery winnings to  charity !
When you carry out your kind act, if possible, ask the recipient not to pay your kindness back to you, but to 'pay it forward' to someone else when they  are able to do so.

Like the idea but not sure what you can do?

Here's a brilliant website full of ideas to get you started!



... we'll be very proud to display them here!


Jan 2012 

Here is a wonderful letter we received from Kathy in New Zealand.

Random Acts of Kindness just don't get any better than this!


' Twelve years ago my Mother was diagnosed with Breast Cancer and one of her friends gave her an Angel to put on her bedside cabinet while she went through treatment.. 

8 years ago I was diagnosed with a tumour on the Prolactin Gland which is situated up in the old nut. My mother gave me the angel to sit on my bedside table to keep watch over me. Two years ago I was told I was clear, but at the same time was diagnosed Type 1 diabetic. 

Today: I handed on the angel to my daughter to give to one of her work place friends who has just been diagnosed with breast cancer and is soon to start treatment. 

I will miss my angel, but I felt her time with me had ended and it was time to watch over someone new. I had planned on sending her to America 4 years ago to watch over one of my friends there who was battling breast cancer, but I never got it done. My daughter told the lady she gave it to of its history and she has told my daughter she too will pay her forward when the time comes to let her give comfort to someone else. 

Don't feel it is important enough to be one of your Random Acts of Kindness, but after I did it I remembered your 'Angel' Horse, and wondered if it was she who prompted me at this time to pay the angel forward :) In the years between my getting the Angel, I have been diagnosed and survived a shadow on the lung, ( I am not a smoker), a growth in my colon, successfully removed, shingles, have finished treatment for my Prolactinoma growth, and am in control of my Type 1 diabetes. (lol meant overcoming a morbid fear of needles)I would however like to donate to you the cost of a set of beads for a horse and carer that might otherwise be unable to have them. :) Please let me know when you have contact with someone who can not afford to give their equine friend that gift and it will be our gift to them.' 

With love, Kathy and Kody  


Feb 2012 

 Kathy & Kody's gift of Rhythm Beads are to be donated to Bertie, a 15 hh black cob who is a Therapy Horse at Equine Learning  in Warwickshire, UK. 

Bertie will use his beads to help the children who come to him for Equine Therapy.


 Here are  the beads we made for Bertie with Kathy & Kody's Donation 

Your Random Acts Of Kindness !!!

Jane Small gave her spare saddle to a friend who couldn't afford a new one

Marie Bonner gave her spare saddle to a stranger whose own saddle had been stolen.

Sue Bayliss donated funds to help a wonderful charity which provides medical care for mothers and children in Afghanistan    Afghan Mother and Child Rescue,


The  Angel Horse Team donated funds to the Nepali Children's Trust


The Angel Horse Team donated sets of Angel Horse Rhythm Beads to other Equine Therapy organisations, and friends.

Jenny Wells made a donation to Angel Horse so we could make someone, who really needed them, a set of our Rhythm Beads. With Jenny's kind donation we made a set of Rhythm Beads

for a very special little boy called Sam.

Emma Elliott donated an Equine Therapy session free to a partially sighted lady.

Stuart Attwood donated funds to help the Nepali Childrens Trust

Fiona Burns donated funds to help the Nepali Childrens Trust

Hayley Cox gave Oracle Card readings to Emma and Emily 

Mavis Cox donated funds to help animals at her local  PDSA

Holly Davissupported & helped Dawn and Hayley after losing Maddie

Jane and her family donated funds to enable the Tibetan charity, TERA ,

Tibetan and Education Relief,  to buy a much needed generator.

Our very own Angel Horse - Maddie

(1997 - Nov 15th 2010)

She is the inspiration behind it all ! xxx

'Maddie - The Angel Horse' by Marcia Baldwin 

  Marcia's website 

Maddie's biggest gift was to teach everyone she met the real meaning of compassion.
In memory of our beautiful Angel Horse, Maddie, please consider carrying out a
Random Act of Kindnessfor someone, animal  or human, when the opportunity arises.
That way Maddie will never be forgotten and her love will continue to shine.